Siberian Baseball

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Movin' On Up

I've just been informed by my soon-to-be wife webmaster that we're all official here on the tundra now.

Many None of you have written me to say, "Hey, I'd love to read Siberian Baseball at work, on the train or on the toilet at work or on a train, but that web address is just too darn long and/or confusing. What can be done about that?"

Fear not, forgetful readers - getting your favorite frozen baseball fix just got several keystrokes easier.

Feel free to simply type in and you'll be reading the best baseball commentary money can buy I can muster on a semi-regular basis.

Enjoy the new home of Siberian Baseball... and wipe your damn feet before you come in. That's new shag carpeting there, partner.

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