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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

What an unfortunate, albeit fitting, nickname

By now, most baseball fans are well aware of Pat Neshek's web site - it was linked here and recently appeared on but for as much fun as the whole campaign is, I'd like to point you to two alternate dates.

The first is Sunday, May 27, where it's revealed that Dennys Reyes nickname is "Big Sweat" which is possible one of the best nicknames for a fat guy in baseball since "El Guapo" and we all know how I feel about El Guapo, don't we?

Long story, short, the gentleman at the right is Reyes and aside from sharing a name with a greasy family restaurant chain, Big Sweat is a fantastic front-line nickname.

The running joke in our little corner of the Dome - OK, well, the two season seats we own - is that you have a Dennys, a (Glen) Perkins and Juan Rincon (at right) looks like the live action version of the Big Boy.

All of this in a state that lacks for breakfast restaurants.

We just need an IHOP now - International House of Pitchers or a one-legged DH, either way - to complete the matching sets.

Next, scoll on down to Monday May 7, and silently curse the lack of links on Perkins site. When you have that much gold in one place, you really need to be able to pick and choose where you land.

I always suspected that people were all kinds of stupid, but to try and get another player to grab autographs from the stars for you? How cheap is that?

I'd also bet dollars to donuts that there was more than one letter just like that one sent to other members in the clubhouse. Wow.

It's bad enough to ask for a signed ball, but to have 10 balls personalized from two of the team's biggest stars and to do so in an exasperated tone? That takes stones.

I have to wonder now - what does, "Everything's coming up Malmo?" even mean?

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