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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Day Baseball

I look at the out of town scoreboards and see a few getaway day games slated for the afternoon and it makes me glad summer is here.

In contrast, the 90-degree, elderly-scaring high-humidity day we saw yesterday in the Twin Cities made me realize summer was here. Not very happy about it, mind you, but very aware.

This dovetailed nicely with a quick chat I had with a friend at work about day baseball and the wonder that is green grass and fresh air. While I can't remember the year, day or team, I can remember the first time I saw the playing field at Wrigley.

Honestly, I'm not sure if I really remember it or if I've just seen the field so many times since then that I've been able to patch things together since then, but it's a real enough memory to make me smile in January and I see the season starting to slowly gain steam.

Regardless, today is a day that was made for baseball and with groundbreaking slated for August to get the ball rolling on the new ballpark, there's a whole generation of fans who haven't seen games on grass or free from the ball mall that is the Metrodome and that's a shame.

A word of advice, though - keep in mind that outdoor parks have a new set of hazzards unto themselves. When you tell your boss you're sick and won't come back after lunch, make sure you have plenty of sunscreen.

No one gets sunburned on a sick day, dummy.

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