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Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm not quite sure how this will help

The cat is out of the bag - Mark Cuban would really like to be Chicago's new favorite team owner. He filed paperwork and everything. He's bona fide.

As Bugs & Cranks points out here, there are quite a few factors working against Cuban, not the least of which has been his behavior as an NBA owner.

Two quick things: I tend to agree with the assessment that the old network of owners is not going to enjoy Cuban turning the National League into a remake of Caddyshack II. I also know that baseball is about money for the principal players and that the common refrain from the Tribune Company is that they are looking to do what's best for the shareholders - in short, the most money they can run down.

Secondly, I believe that anyone who will serve as the owner of the Cubs will be seen as a positive step by most Cubs fans.

In the past, when the team would tank, stars would leave town to free agency or they'd out and out refuse to sign quality players there weren't a lot of options when it came to properly expressing a fan's God-given right to blind rage.

Imagine your favorite team being run by the banker's pen from the Washington Mutual commercials and how much that would suck. Not only does your team stink, but you don't even have a singular person to boo at the ballpark.

Whether that new face of ownership is Cuban or not, having someone to hold responsible for the team's failures should be a strong first step.

"Stupid f-ing Cuban! What the hell is he doing?" has a nice ring to it.

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