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Sunday, June 17, 2007

At least they're attacking the other team now

Good for Derrek Lee, setting the new standard for the Cubs and going after the opposition for a change. At least there's more room to throw wild, haymakers that are so far from their target it would make WWE wrestlers blush.

Frank the Tank called within 15 seconds of the initial swings to make sure I was watching this touchstone moment in Chicago Cubs history. Truth be told, I think he wanted to make sure I saw the franchise player break his wrist for the second time in as many years, should one of those punches actually land.

(* Side note: Frankie is back this week and poses this to his readers:

The selling radio station owner didn’t think the Twin Cities area had “enough of a black population to support the station’s format”. C’mon, there’s got to be at least five or six black people that live in Minneapolis other than the members of the Timberwolves, Twins and Vikings, right? Anyone? As for Carl Pohlad getting into the hip-hop game, I’ll let Minneapolis Red Sox comment on that one.

To which I say, is this the face of modern hip-hop? Yes, a thousand times, yes. Carl is in the heezy... well, maybe the nursing heezy.)

So, two big guys swung like a bunch of giraffes and no one was injured, but I'm still cursing TiVo for not having a Vista-friendly app to let me rip TV to the blog right now.

When you watch this "fight" over and again on YouTube later, watch for two high points.

1.) I'm pretty sure that's Michael Barrett who trips Sweet Lou in the middle of the fracas.
2.) What the hell was Zambrano doing before the dust up? Considering he's been publicly chastised for his *ahem* excessive Internet usage, it doesn't look good when he runs out with his pants falling off. I'm waiting for word that he was in the can when he heard the crowd go off. That would capture the 2007 Cubs for me in a big way.

I suppose this will work, too

Mark my words - If I need to create a "Fistfights involving the Cubs" tab for posts, someone at 1060 W. Addison is getting an angry letter from me. I'm writing it in my head right now.

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