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Thursday, June 07, 2007


One out away.

The smart fan inside me says it was a good stop of a losing skid in a win the Red Sox needed in a bad way.

The knucklehead sheep fan says, "Sunnuvabitch!"

I thought this bit from the Boston Globe about shaking off catcher Jason Varitek was pretty interesting, though:

"We get two outs, and I was sure, and I had a plan, and I shook Tek off," Schilling said. "And I get a big `What if?' for the rest of my life."

It was not the first time a Boston pitcher shook off Varitek in the ninth inning only to see a no-hitter get broken up. Pedro Martinez did it Aug. 29, 2000, against Tampa Bay, giving up a single to John Flaherty on a fastball instead of the curve that Varitek called for.

Hey guys, start listening to your catcher, especially if they're the captain.

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