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Saturday, September 27, 2008

AL waits on Twins, White Sox

The American League saw the opening round of the playoffs fall into place with last night's loss by the Red Sox, but still needs to see how the AL Central's photo finish winds up.

Despite a loss to the Tigers, the Rays won the AL East with a good old fashioned ass kicking laid on the Sox by the Yankees. New York won a rain-soaked 19-8 mess of a game - why is that score so familiar? Oh, right. - to keep the Red Sox from winning the AL East two years in a row.

This means that the Red Sox will open the 2008 Postseason on the road in California on Wednesday, while the Rays will see the Twins or the White Sox in Tampa. This has to make you feel good if you're a Rays fan.

While Tampa will see a team that is either gassed from the sprint to the finish with its starting rotation in disarray, the Angels and Red Sox have time to rest and reload after sleepwalking through the weekend.

* The Red Sox are waiting for word on last year's playoff MVP, Mike Lowell, who left the game last night with hip pain. I know, I know, he's old, what should Red Sox Nation expect?

* A quick hit on the forlorn White Sox fans in our midst. I mentioned the other day that Kansas City is not a team to be trifled with when it comes to playing the spoiler and this year they are particularly dangerous.

According to Baseball Tonight, the Royals are 17-7 in September, good enough for the best record in the AL this month. Additionally, they own a half game lead over Detroit to stay out of the AL Central's basement.

How screwed up is that for Tigers' fans?

To say that the Royals are motivated is probably an understatement. I'd like to see the Kansas City marketing team produce some shirts every fall that say, "Spoiling September. I live for this!"

* Over in the National League, the pieces are falling into place as well, with New York starting Johan Santana on short rest to try and jump back into the race with the Brewers, who beat the Cubs last night.

The early word this morning was that rain was forecast for the East Coast, so if Santana is iced by the weather, the Mets will likely miss the playoffs at the 11th hour for two years in a row. The New York trails Milwaukee by a game in the Wild Card race and Philadelphia by two in the NL East.

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