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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pop goes the tissue

Joel Zumaya was pretty sure his career was finished when he felt a pop Tuesday night, but at least people saw this injury happen and he won't have to endure jeering about his Guitar Hero skills this time around.

According to the Detroit Free Press (via Ballhype user The World of Isaac):

"It felt like my arm exploded, and I thought my career was completely over," he said.

A postgame medical exam disclosed that what Zumaya felt was the breaking loose of scar tissue from his shoulder operation last fall.

While hardly career-threatening, it's a problem that prevents him from pitching effectively and freely -- at least now.

Well, that's better, though not necessarily if you are in affiliated with the Tigers as a fan, teammate or in any other capacity.

Just 9.5 games back in the AL Central, 11 in the Wild Card, Tiger fans!

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