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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Charlie Hough returns to White Sox

Taking a page from Brett Favre's playbook, knuckleballer Charlie Hough has decided he isn't quite ready for the links yet, announcing his return to the Chicago White Sox.

After pitching his last game in 1994 as a Florida Marlin at age 46, he's announced via his agent that knuckleball pitchers could easily pitch indefinitely, as the pitch requires very little arm strength.

Mark Buehrle was on hand before yesterday's game to welcome the former Sox hurler back to the fold.

(Actually, this is for a show heading to the United Center this week. From the actual caption: White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle hands the ball to "Baby T-Rex," a person in a dinosaur costume promoting "Walking with Dinosaurs," a show coming to the United Center.)

(Image from: Charles Cherney of the Chicago Tribune)



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