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Monday, July 28, 2008

Musical Chairs - 2008 Trading Deadline Looms

After catching a break last year on the Manny Ramirez emotional roller coaster, the Red Sox are putting up with his mood swings again this year.

Following the weekend's comments that if it made everyone happy, he'd play in Iraq, Ramirez is stirring the pot with the trade deadline set this Thursday. I can't imagine a single reasonable situation where Boston moves the slugger before the deadline, but it's baseball and stranger things have happened.

Here's a solid breakdown from of who is likely staying and who could be going. I especially liked all of the little smartass comments - way to go Nice to see you not take yourself too seriously for once.

Case in point:

There isn't as much depth, surprisingly, in right-handers. The A's have in Huston Street a proven closer of value, and Billy Beane hasn't made a deal in at least 20 minutes.

Heh. Good one.



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