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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sabathia apparently headed to the land of fried cheese

ESPN just spent a few moments to chime in on the C.C. Sabathia sweepstakes and pending deal between Milwaukee and Cleveland.

Nice try guys, but I prefer to get information from a more solid source, such as Tom Haudricourt - oh, and he posted more information a full two hours before ESPN's national broadcast.

OK, I'm done being tired of the Four-Letter Network now.

According to Haudricourt, the Sabathia deal is all but done and as soon as they can stitch his name on the back of a jersey, Sabathia will be on the field to be seen as the savior of Milwaukee's season.

Currently, the Brewers have converted 31 of 45 save opportunities, so maybe they should be trying to scrounge bullpen help while the phones are still hot. Those 45 opportunities are tied for the league lead with St. Louis, which owns a more disappointing 25 saves in the same span.

As bad as those numbers seem, they're not awful when compared the league as a whole when comparing the two sets of numbers - apparently the Brewers are just prone to very public blowouts.

Regardless, here's a slice from Haudricourt's post on the Journal Sentinel site:

I just was told by a reliable club source that the Brewers have a deal in place with Cleveland for left-hander C.C. Sabathia, contingent on the paperwork being done and medical records exchanged.

But believe me, folks, that's a deal. All that other stuff is formality.

Look for Sabathia to make his debut for the Brewers Tuesday night at Miller Park against Colorado.

Matt LaPorta and a few low-level minor leaguers are the names being thrown around as the Brewers' contribution to the trade.

Seeing as fans really enjoy cheering for athletes they can relate to, Sabathia's girth is all upside here.

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