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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just let him in, already

The Sun-Times has picked up the scent of another story about how this might be the year for former Cubs third baseman, Ron Santo, to enter the Hall of Fame.

Wait, were you aware that Santo wasn't in the Hall yet? No, OK, well he's not and he's more than willing to shoehorn that into all sorts of situations. I'll be honest, I rarely have the stomach opportunity to catch WGN radio broadcasts because I rarely drive these days and if I'm going to catch a game now, it'll be on TV or in person. Still, when I do, it's the Santo factor that sours the experience for me.

I know he's a loveable, heart on his sleeve kind of guy and I still don't care. Save your defense of Santo in the comments section - I'm a disciple of Vin Scully and his style of calling a game where you're unaware of the score based on his game calls.

What Hawk Harrelson is to the White Sox, Santo is to the Northsiders - a polarizing figure who is generally seen as a liability by the other team's fans and is mocked when the two groups meet.

Now thanks to Joe Morgan - this just keeps getting better - it appears that Santo might have an easier road to get to the Hall when the veterans meet to vote. The ballots will be collected in a two part process now, with the top 10 vote-getters making it to the lightning round to compete for the final spots.

Personally, I have nothing against the guy and agree his numbers should have put him in the Hall years ago - I'm just tired of hearing about it, especially from Santo himself. It comes off as whining whenever I hear him speak about it and just want a decision one way or another. It seems that letting him in is the easiest way to bring some sort of resolution to the situation.

In addition to throwing down the double jinx - thanks, Ron - Santo would be more than happy to celebrate entrance to the hall but would trade it for a championship:

'This year, win the World Series and I get in the Hall of Fame -- what is there left? It would be wonderful,'' he said. ''I'm just afraid to feel like this is the year because I'd be too disappointed if it isn't. But if we win the World Series, I can overcome that.''

I'd be tempted to trade a championship to never have to hear another fan defend Santo's stats, veiled (and not so veiled) references made by former players speaking to the great injustice of Santo's exclusion and the endless speculation when the Hall prepares to announce its new inductees.

For that kind of peace, I could be talked into not only forfeiting a championship, but for handing it personally to a Yankee of your choice.

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  • Nothing against Ron "I look like a retarded Charlie Brown" Santo.. but the most deserving person that has been snubbed for years is Gil Hodges.

    By Anonymous Santos Von Sexington III, At Wednesday, June 25, 2008 2:57:00 AM  

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