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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sitting, waiting, wishing

Much like Jack Johnson's thoughts about an indecisive lover, I am here at Logan Airport working my way through all three sections of his process. It's much like grieving in some ways.

Sitting on uncomfortable chairs, waiting for flights to clear up so I can catch a standby seat and wishing that I could just be home by now.

With some time on my hands, I wanted to point out a few quick observations from the weekend in Boston - more of the new baseball culture in town than anything else.

* As bad as the Fever Pitch fan phenomenon is in visiting cities (Baltimore, Tampa, Chicago) it's much worse in Boston. As I travel everywhere with a camera, I think in loose terms of photo essays. You would never, ever be able to capture even a sliver of all the Red Sox gear in the streets of Boston these days.

Celtics gear, maybe, but the Red Sox have the town blanketed. I don't remember it being this bad, but then again, those memories are from when I was a kid.

* Another photo essay best left untouched? The "Official Fill In the Blank of the Boston Red Sox."

Why do the Sox need an official florist? Or an official trolley tour?

(Side note: I'm strongly considering referring to the White Sox as "The Sox" and the Red Sox as "The Sawx" after Frank the Tank correctly observed that for a site based in Chicago, there should only really be one "The Sox.")

* Fenway looks great. We were being put up in the Harvard Club across the way from the park and I made the pilgrimage Saturday morning to go down, see Ted Williams, the new banners and touch the walls.

It made for a great morning and the only reason I'd go that long between the alarm going off and getting my morning coffee.

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