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Thursday, June 05, 2008

What? Do you hate America or something?

Every now and again, I'll see something - usually a building like the Mall of America or the Rock n' Roll McDonald's - and say, "that's one of the reasons other countries hate America."

This is one of those times.

France sends the Statue of Liberty over to us as a sign of friendship and we're cool for a while and then we had to go and do this.

In what looks like a series of junior high school art projects MLB is selling trying to sell collectible Statue of Liberty figures with the logos of the teams and All-Star Game splashed across them (thanks to

Nothing says, "America and baseball" like the Statue of Liberty in what appears to be the old Washington Capitals uniform, right?

Here's the basic breakdown of these tiny monstrosities:

* The Kansas City figure - Wow, talk about phoning it in. I suspect they know that no one will buy these things, certainly not for the Royals, so why spend any time on it, right? Paint it blue, slap a logo and let's move on.

* The Toronto figure - I'm American and a baseball fan and have no desire to own any of these... why would a Canadian shell out for a team's logo on an American icon? Aside from the highly favorable exchange rate, which makes them practically free for residents of America's hat.

* The Brooklyn figure - Way to rub it in, Yankees. Brooklyn loses its team which goes on to win championships in their new home in California. Now you're going to try and pawn these off on aging fans who never fully recovered from the trauma of seeing their beloved Bums ship out for Los Angeles.

* The Yankees figure - Essentially the only passable one of the bunch. I fail to see this as a coincidence.

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