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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The difference between entertaining and good

Though it's a bit late in coming, I felt I'd be missing out if I didn't chip in my two cents on last Friday's 10-9 come from behind win in the Cubs/Rockies game.

For the quick refresher, here's the box score from the game. It's the one where the Cubs had to climb out of a 4-0 deficit heading into the home half of the first inning and ended up on top in a slugfest thanks in large part to a six-run seventh inning.

Don't get me wrong, the game was pretty exciting, especially in the seventh when Wrigley came back to life after Mark DeRosa's home run to put the Cubs on top - one of seven total homers in the game - but exciting and entertaining can be miles away from good.

And that's where the Wrigley faithful should have some suspicions about the Cubs and their chance to win the pennant this year.

In a game decided by which team could get more fly balls into a healthy tailwind that afternoon, the team was able to survive the early fireworks by the Rockies, something that won't always happen. Unfortunately, not all teams are playing down to the level of Colorado thus far in the season and won't give up a solid lead so easily.

Chalk up Ted Lilly's rough outing to a possible rain delay and a few false starts before the game got underway, but getting run in the third is usually a pretty solid indicator that you're going to have the loss pinned on you for the day.

Still, it was a pretty sloppy game all around for both teams. While it's apparent that the Cubs threw out a lineup to give some of the starters a rest, there's no good reason why the team was able to get the win, especially after the first three innings were in the books.

When we get to the point in the season where we hear that the team would rather be lucky than good, don't forget it was in full effect at the end of May. For a team historically short on luck, maybe that's not a bad sign.

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