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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dodgers: "Come early, stay late"

The Dodgers are set to release word Thursday that after nearly 50 years at Chavez Ravine, they're committed to adding one major piece to the franchise has been missing since their move to California.

A fan that actually sees all nine innings of play.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

In a letter sent [Wednesday] to season-ticket holders, owner Frank McCourt and President Jamie McCourt said the improvements would "give the stadium a chance to remain viable and perhaps see its 100th birthday."

The letter did not detail the renovations, but the plan would enact a vision Frank McCourt made when he bought the team in 2004 -- to transform at least part of the Dodger Stadium parking lot into an area offering dining and shopping for fans who arrive early and stay late, avoiding pregame and postgame traffic. The Dodgers would generate additional revenue as well.

This is just a simple case of updating an older ballpark - the story also mentions a dollar figure of $500 million in renovations - in step with Fenway Park and Wrigley Field in order to generate additional revenue. The big difference is that the Dodgers actually have some room to expand versus those other two ballparks, which are hemmed in by the surrounding neighborhoods.

While the extra revenue is nice, I think we can all see what's going on here - the Dodgers are trying to entice fans to fill up a bit before they hit the buffet section. Kind of like encouraging diners to fill up on bread before the meal.

They must be getting killed on that promotion. Not as much as they would if they played in Chicago, Milwaukee or Cleveland, but killed nonetheless.

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