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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Roberts? Steroids? Cubs?

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that a deal between the Cubs and Orioles is in the works to bring Brian Roberts to the Friendly Confines in exchange for Sean Marshall and others.

No word on if the drugs will cost Chicago extra. I have a very bad feeling about this move - the whole Brady Anderson big contract bonanza gives me the willies when it comes to statistical aberration years - not to mention that there's no pressing need for help at second.

With one year above .300 (in 2005) Roberts has had average numbers in '06 and '07, including a decent, but not great on-base percentage. I guess what I'm saying is that I don't think the Trib is entirely justified in canonizing Roberts as a premiere lead-off man.

One last thing - am I alone in thinking that maybe the Cubs should see how the Ryan Theriot/Mike Fontenot combination plays out? Instead of wheeling and dealing with the pitching staff - and the Trib has some misguided faith placed in the return of Ryan Dempster to the starting rotation - maybe we can see what the kids can provide.

I'm a big believer in the value of chemistry and I don't know how much Roberts will bring to the table as part of the Chicago infield, but I do perk up at the mention that the current combination won as teammates at LSU and did well last year.

I just see this as overpaying for Roberts at the expense of the young guys in the system, especially after overhauling the outfield in the same offseason.

It's like the Oakland A's in reverse - constantly ripping apart the roster every offseason, only adding high-priced pieces instead of selling them off.

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  • you are forgetting that with the exception of about a month and a half.. fontenot some pretty forgettable offensive numbers. the addition of roberts allows fontenot the ability to get more at bats in the minors while derosa plays back up at every single position in wrigley including tuba in the cubs brass band.

    By Anonymous Stab Master Arson, At Monday, January 14, 2008 2:13:00 PM  

  • Good point - I guess I'm just gunshy of using Yankee money to build All-Star teams that never quite play together.

    I'll take power from traditional power positions and then see how the young guys (Felix Pie included) progress.

    Just throwing money at the field won't solve the problems - when you have a head start in an organic fashion, I think that's worth exploring.

    But yeah, keep DeRosa - he was a fantasy monster for me last season.

    By Blogger Minneapolis Red Sox, At Thursday, January 24, 2008 9:05:00 AM  

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