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Monday, January 14, 2008

Some things never change

Not sure if this is an indictment of baseball fans as a whole, or New York fans, who are always level-headed and fair, but I stumbled across this old image on today.

It's a shopworn story, but when Fred Snodgrass passed away in 1974 at 86, his obituary mentioned his error in the 1912 World Series against the Red Sox. Read the Wikipedia page for the breakdown and try not thinking about the whole Bartman mess.

Keep this in mind when someone starts the discussion about crazy fans and how they're starting to cross the line. That line has been pretty warped for nearly 100 years now.

Secondly, between the "Snodgrass Muff" and "Merkle's Boner," what the hell was up with our language back then?

Can we just save time and keep the streak alive by adopting the phrase, "Steve Bartman's Painful Erection," and "Bill Bucker's Something About Mary Zipper Incident."

Really, Bill, how'd you get the frank below the beans?

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