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Monday, December 03, 2007

Yankee countdown enters final hours

Good for the Yankees in taking a stand against the big market clubs like Minnesota and instituting a strict deadline (Monday at midnight) to come to a decision in the Johan Santana sweepstakes.

It's about time someone taught those northerly bullies a lesson.

Not much is happening in Nashville on the big stage yet and most of the reports I've read today point to the Santana stalemate as a big reason for that. Teams want to see how that shakes out at the top before they proceed this week.

How Santana ending up with the Yankees, Red Sox or Angels impacts signing Damien Miller to the Nationals is beyond me, but I suppose that's why I'm in my underpants, eating Cheetos in my mother's basement and not calling the shots in Nashville tonight.

Some interesting rumors are floating about, though, with Miguel Cabrera still on the block in Florida and Dontrelle Willis apparently off of it for now. is reporting tonight that the White Sox are in the mix for the young third baseman, which, of course, clouds the issue of what the South Siders will be doing this year at the position.

In much the same manner that the Cubs horde outfielders like the mentally unstable pick up copies of Catcher in the Rye, it appears the White Sox have a new love of third basemen.

While I love the whole interference angle - Hank Steinbrenner has made no secret who he's talking about when discussing Santana - that has come up from some writers, it's been entertaining to say the least.

While I strongly oppose putting Jacoby Ellsbury on the table for a pitcher who only sees the light of day once every five starts, if there's a pitcher who will make it worth your while, it's Santana.

His starts were always electrifying and the Twins fans never had to search for a savior with Santana on the mound. Need a stopper when your team has dropped a few games?

There's Johan.

Need a big win to shore up a playoff spot?

There's Johan.

While I doubt there's such a thing as a calming presence in Boston, Santana might be as close as they come. Now to get back to work on that troubling Catch-22; Trade young pitching while your staff ages itself out of the league or wait for them to develop and risk the inevitable flame-outs that come with the territory when talking about young pitchers?

Mild update: Elijah Dukes is now a member of the Washington Nationals, presumably to put him closer to the nation's top law enforcement agencies.

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