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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Nick Punto, gaping hole

Granted, it's one quote that could be taken out of context, but if you're Twins third baseman Nick Punto today, you might want to check the housing markets around the majors. You know, just to see what's out there, just in case.

According to the NBC affiliate in town:

(Joe)Mauer and the Twins were worked up on Monday after both local newspapers published columns calling for Mauer to be moved to third base.

"Fill one big gaping hole at third base? Let's just make another gaping hole behind the plate? Tell me which one's more important," manager Ron Gardenhire said.

So, while I'm almost positive that Gardenhire was baited into the quote, probably frustrated and more than a little angry at being second guessed by reporters who smell blood in the water with a team that is done for the season, that is still a brutal quote.

As much as I agree that Punto is in fact a gaping hole on that team, I never thought I'd see that quote in print, especially from the manager.

If only that can become a term of endearment from the fans - kind of like "Human Rain Delay."

Gardenhire might as well have said that Punto sucks as a third baseman, but is really good at picking up after himself in the locker room. Actually, wait, that would have been much better.

At least that's marginally positive.

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