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Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Cubs really love outfielders

Like a bad fantasy baseball team manager, the Cubs have dealt for yet another outfielder, landing Craig Monroe today from the Detroit Tigers.

According to the Cubs web site, Monroe will report to the team Friday in Arizona.

This now brings the total number of outfielders to more than they can use in a game and then some. It was bad enough when there was a logjam of outfielders to start the season, but following the injury to Alfonso Soriano, the team has just kept adding more.

There are now eight options, with two on the DL, according to the team's 40-man roster, which just seems silly.

Don't they remember the issues with trying to find playing time for the players they had? Now Soriano will return and they'll have to find time for Monroe as well?

Wow, talk about being snakebitten by the whole Corey Patterson problem. Have one underachieving outfielder and you end up with an organization that compulsively stockpiles replacements.

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