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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oh, you're so clever - Rally Fry Edition

One of the only downsides of watching out of market games on the MLB Package is that in order to get all of the good stuff the package provides - seeing your team when you're not living in the same town, Vin Scully, being able to turn off Hawk Harrelson and turn on the other team's broadcast - you have to wade through some crap.

Now, I'll fully admit that one man's trash is another man's treasure and that for as much as I can't stand Hawk, there are just as many fans in line to rip Jerry Remy, who I think is hysterical, especially when he falls over when playing air guitar.

As someone who grew up under the watchful eye of his drunken uncle Harry Caray, I fully understand the importance of the hometown annoyances/local flavor.

Despite that disclaimer, it's my great honor to introduce a new, semi-regular feature - The Harry Caray Memorial "Oh, you're so clever!" Award- where I'll bring these announcing oddities to the masses. It'll all be in good fun and no one will be caught with their pants down when the playoffs arrive, right?

Like Dane Cook says... actually, I wouldn't know. I just get angry when I see Cook on the new MLB commercials and can only hear the blood rushing past my eardrums when he's on the screen.

Tonight's inaugural winner are the good folks at Fox Sports Northwest and their rally fries. Which have drummed up their fair share of fan-based ire.

Once a game, the boys in the booth send down an order of fries to an apparently hungry fan base in Seattle. Nothing says baseball like french fries and in terms of rally gimmicks, the list starts and ends with the monkey for me.

It's like winning the lottery the first time you play - there's no where to go but down from there, really.

Also, when it comes to greasy giveaways, I'd expect this from Milwaukee, but Seattle? Shouldn't they have rally seafood or something like that? I guess they are pretty close to Idaho, though.

Holy cow, and have a great weekend.

(Image from WGN Broadcasting)

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  • The MLB Extra Innings package is well worth the money if only to see how the various "homers" broadcast their team's games and execute their own, unique quirky antics like the "fry guys." Seeing out-of-town commercials is also a big plus - some of them look like they're shot by high school interns.

    By Blogger Sportsattitude, At Sunday, July 29, 2007 4:26:00 PM  

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