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Monday, May 21, 2007

Fun with our pal AJ

I'm driving around this afternoon while I have the lazy drone of sports talk radio on as white noise - on a small tangent here, apparently the suits at the local sports talk stronghold have told the talent to go easy on the sports and try to give the listeners a little wider world perspective. This is the second dumbest idea, ever - when they start telling a story of White Sox catcher AJ Pierzynski.

It was the usual song and dance of how he's a great guy (or not) to have in your clubhouse, but he loves to agitate when he's on the other team.

I'm not sure if it's revisionist history or not, but there were claims that Twins management demanded they dump him because with Joe Mauer in the wings, they couldn't risk him pissing off any more umpires.

Keep in mind that this is the same media market that trash mouths Mark prior and make it sound like it was an easy Mauer over Prior decision in that year's draft.

Anyways, one of the talking heads starts telling the story of Pierzynski Bull Durham-ing an opposing batter who had struck out in the second inning as the guy is trying to bat in the fifth.

"Now what was strike two last time? Was that a curve or a slider?" says AJ as he's taking stock mentally in the middle of the at-bat. "Whap" for strike one.

The story goes that Pierzynski just kept jabbering until the guy struck out and as he's heading to the dugout, AJ chirps, "That's baaaaase-baaaaall..."

It's really a wonder more people don't lash out violently against the guy.

The reason I bring this up - aside from being a really funny story - was that today Mark Buehrle started to chirp to the media about how Pierzynski needed to pipe down with regards to the Mike North/Ozzie Guillen mess.

To quote the Tribune story:
"I think it is disrespecting Toby," Buehrle said before Sunday's game. "It's kind of saying: 'You can't do your job.' I don't see where he has to be in there just because it's a big rivalry. That doesn't matter. He needs a day off. Whether it's against the Cubs or anyone else, he needs a day off."

While this is just someone firing a shot over Pierzynski's bow to get him to settle down in the clubhouse, it is a pretty valid point. This doesn't mean that he's on the outs in the Sox clubhouse, just a little housecleaning, and I can respect Buehrle for that.

However, for a veteran catcher, this should be a non-issue for the most part. The on-field general should know enough to watch his mouth in the media, especially regarding his backup.

Well, that, and no one should listen to North. That's just my personal opinion, though.

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