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Friday, April 06, 2007

Yes, I'm happy now

Our short national nightmare came to an end late this week when Major League Baseball realized what was in the best interest of its fans responded to any combination of external stimuli and released its out-of-market games to a cable television audience.

I'd like to think that legions of unhappy fans e-mailed a few times like I did and took unsolicited shots at MLB on their survey pages, but the truth is that some series of cash-related decisions needed to be made and it just so happened that the games were returned to the cable audience.

As of Friday evening, the customer reps answering the phones for Comcast were up to their eyeballs in phone calls for the service, which makes me smile almost as much as knowing that the division got its ass kicked for nearly a week straight.

I know that some poor series of programming teams took the real brunt of that storm while Bud Selig washed down stupid pills with $900 a bottle wine, but I can pretend that he was hearing about how the whole product was circling the drain unless massive upgrades were going to be made shortly. If it ruined at least one morning, I'm pretty happy with the result.

In all honesty, I question how much Selig had to do with a decision this rational and pleasing to a wide spectrum of fans. I think that it's even money that someone from the future played at least a secondary role in the whole mess. Whether or not documents were moved around or someone snuck into Selig's bedroom at night with a radiation suit and a walkman, I can't say, but it's nice to have baseball back.

And at more than a two-by-three inch screen.

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