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Sunday, April 01, 2007

That's Jeter, always screwing things up

As a quick follow up to the Derek Jeter Topps No. 40 card from last night - the one with Mickey Mantle and George W. Bush looking on - I got a little more information today as I headed to a card shop in the Twin Cities.

It seems that every yahoo with a few bucks in their pocket has been snapping up as many Topps cards as they can find in the hopes of finding a rarer version of the card.

What this has done is drive the price of unopened boxes and packs through the roof.

I was reminded again about how many different sets are now available and how the prices are getting out of hand.

If I ran a card company, I think one of the first things I'd do would be to release a no-frills card set that wouldn't have strange autographs, special inserts or complete subsets dedicated to Ken Griffey, Jr.

Instead, you'd pay $30 or $40 for a box of cards that would just be 600 players and it would leave the hobby open to knuckleheads like me and kids looking to drop a dollar per pack at the corner store.

I ask you, how would the world not be a better place with me in a position of power.

(Image pulled from eBay)



  • This is what has infuriated me about the baseball card business. Instead of the focus being on holding onto rookie and star cards and seeing who will appreciate over time like in the "old days" (pre-1995), everything is about getting the gold version of some special edition insert that the card company only made 1,000 of. I've got a collection of well over 10,000 baseball, basektball, and football cards, but when the industry started becoming obsessed with the special edition inserts, I quit cold turkey. It's just a sad state of affairs.

    By Anonymous Frank the Tank, At Monday, April 02, 2007 11:09:00 AM  

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