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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

For Hire: Apply within

Torii Hunter and his family are very happy to remain in the Twins organization. Good for him.

It's been pretty steady fodder for the talk radio up here to speculate on whether or not his final two months of production pulled down the club option for him or not.

Management is on record with the company line that you make a decision on this based on his collective production for the whole year, but I'm betting Frank the Tank has a few other thoughts on the matter.

I have to confess that I thought Hunter coasted at times and got endless entertainment when he went on several hot streaks after Frankie dropped him from the fantasy team. That said, I was probably more sensitive than most when it came to Hunter's ups and downs this year.

Let's just say we're lucky Frank doesn't get Twins games on local cable back home in Chicago. He might be in counseling if he had.

More than anything, I was impressed by the way he handled a clubhouse and was the team's face to the local media, something that can't be quantified on a balance sheet. Take a team of young guys and rookie spare parts and that's important.

Other than a few months older, that will be a young team next year and Hunter can try and prove he deserves bigger money next season. It's strange when a fan favorite and franchise player needs to prove his worth, but more than a few Twins fans are questioning his legs after "that play" this postseason.

* Sidenote: My boss is a Twins fan, along with a few other guys at work, but it's still strange to me. It's like saying, "My boss is a unicorn" when I think about it. For the record, they do give me more than enough work to do.

* The Cubs are looking for a new skipper and some front office help, but it still seems too early to get sucked in with all the rumors about who'll take Dusty's spot.

The Chicago Tribune had a piece this morning about a double-signing of Alex Rodriguez and Lou Piniella to reunite the two in Chicago. What annoyed me was the mention up top in the story of needing to resign Aramis Ramirez to have a better idea of what spots to fill.

On a budgetary level, yes, but it made the reporter sound like an idiot forgetting that Rodriguez was a top shortstop before heading to New York.

I'm still trying to squash my hatred for Rodriguez as a player to even think of this rationally, but why wouldn't the Cubs sign Joe Girardi if at all possible?

I'm all for not tipping your hand and all, but this just seems like a simple decision.

Wait, what was I just saying about it being too early to start thinking of the off-season?

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