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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Petey to the Cubs?

Not that this is practical for either Pedro Martinez or the Chicago Cubs, but the possibility is out there that everyone's favorite Dominican hurler might end up in Cubbie blue.

I assume this is in the same vein as the DePaul men's basketball team possibly making the NCAA tournament by winning the conference tourney (they didn't) or the Cubs possibly winning the World Series this year (they probably won't) or the beer vendors at the Cell possibly exercising discretion in serving patrons in the upper deck (another probably won't).

Still, it's something fun to talk about until you realize that Martinez will likely sign anything placed in front of him to play in Los Angeles with his old pal, Manny Ramirez. This includes an In n Out Burger napkin with the words, "Pedro + Dodgers = 10-15 games or so in 2009?"

Keep in mind the stories that came out of New York after Martinez left the Red Sox and was supposeedly sending Ramirez notes on a consiteint basis, trying to sweet talk Manny into heading to the Big Apple. I'll be surprised if he ends up anywhere but there, assuming his arm keeps looking as solid as it has in WBC play.



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