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Monday, April 21, 2008

Day baseball is proof God loves us

With this afternoon's morning's Patriots' Day game in Boston, it made me appreciate day baseball that much more - well, that and the fact that an "early" Red Sox game is 11 a.m. and not 4 a.m. like the series in Japan.

After two years of games in a dome, I've been to Wrigley in the rain, in the sunny cold and in the warm(er) evening air. It's kind of nice to have some variety, even if it means holding your breath and murmuring about proper warm up procedures every time someone comes up a little awkwardly in the cold.

It makes me wonder just how random the computer-generated scheduling really is, though. Obviously, there have to be exceptions to allow the yearly Red Sox game that follows the Boston Marathon and some allowances have to be made for day and night games at Wrigley and for get away days - why can't those be plugged in for early season contests?

When you factor in scheduling nightmares like last season in Cleveland and this year in Chicago, I'm pretty sure none of the players would complain too loudly. Here it is four weeks into the season and the weather in Chicago is finally safe - aside from the revenue generated by Opening Day and the associated home openers that follow, what's the reason for forcing games into cold weather climates in early April?

Setting aside the usual arguments about interleague play, what's wrong with adding a little humanity to the schedule? Would it kill the league to front load the schedule with interleague matchups (like the nonconference schedules in college athletics) and allow the division rivals to duke it out starting in June?

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