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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Philadelphia Phillies (88-74, .543, 2nd in NL East)

Philadelphia must not be very happy with their lineup these days.

First, they ship Jim Thome to the White Sox (a pretty viable move in the long run, espcially with Ryan Howard waiting in the wings for playing time. It also brought Aaron Rowland to center field to help out in Philly, so it was a solid move for the Phils.

Next, they involved Bobby Abreu in every trade rumor this winter, not the smartest thing you can do with one of your team's only bona fide stars.

Finally, they didn't do much with their starting rotation and have Tom "Flash" Gordon as their closer. I've always thought "Flash" was more of an honorary/ironic nickname like really fat guys named "Tiny" or "Dr." Phil. I could be wrong on all counts there.

This doesn't look like a second-place team right now, but it doesn't look like the Marlins, either. Depending on which Brett Myers comes to the ballpark and how the infield gels, this could be a good season for the Phillies. Chasing the Braves and Mets will keep them hungry and set a pretty good pace and don't underestimate the outfield with the addition of Rowland. That goes both offensively and defensively, too.

Oh, and yes, John Lieber is still alive and well and apparently living in Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia Phillies
C: Lieberthal; Fasano; Ruiz
1B: Howard; Utley; Alex Gonzalez (the bad one); Perez
2B: Utley; Nunez
SS: Rollins; Gonzalez; Nunez
3B: Bell; Gonzalez
LF: Burrell; Victorino
CF: Rowland; Victorino
RF: Abreu; Victorino

SP: Lieber; Myers; Lidle; Franklin; Madson; Floyd
CP: Gordon
RP: Rhodes; Cormier; Geary; Fultz; Santana; Brito; Tejada



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